Option to remove countdown inside stone

I have been playing go online for many decades and I find it very distracting to see the countdown inside stone. There should be an option… to see the clock flash instead of the stone. Thank you

I like the in-stone countdown even though I primarily rely on the audio.


ok. the default should stay as is. But I can’t play serious go until there is an option to change the countdown UI. Thank you

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Me too, it always makes me rush and play stupid moves because I’m thinking about the timer instead of the move.

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Seems like we have some consensus :wink:, how do we make this happen?

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I started a feature request on github. Once I realized the dock icons are embedded in an ogs woff font file, I realized that I would need some help to implement.

Basically there are two ways to solve this issue. The simple way: remove the byo label on stones in favor of flashing clock and see if people beg to have it it back (I suspect backlash won’t be so bad).

Or the complicated way by creating a new user preference over this feature which I coded up more than halfway, and the pull request is linked in the github feature request.

Would love to move the needle on this, as I cannot play for real on this server until we have a way forward. Thank you

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I absolutely do not mean to be rude, but please allow me to react to some statements I find a bit misrepresented in the feature request.

Many users including myself find the 10 second byoYomiLabel shown on your hover stone to be distracting. […] Here is conversation: Option to remove countdown inside stone

There is literally only one user in the thread agreeing with you. Unless I have missed another source, that is really not many, and it is not grounds to “suspect backlash won’t be so bad”. What are you basing your suspicion on?

it is not the norm to have a byo yomi label on the stone, in fact ogs is the first and only place i have seen it

As far as I know both Foxy and Tygem have a very similar solution to ours. I have not checked others. Foxy has countdown on the lastly placed stone, Tygem directly on the cursor. For people playing without audio, this might be much easier and safer as they have the countdown closer to their area of interest without the need to turn their eyes away from the board.

Don’t take me wrong I have nothing against the suggestion (though I preffer the current solution), but please do not misrepresent your personal wishes as an agreed upon consensus of the community and “the online norm” when (at least as far as I can tell - and do correct me if I have missed something) it is NOT the case.

I personally see the “user’s choice” optional route as the one to go with.


Kgs and IGS, which I have been playing on for close to 20 years, don’t have this feature.

Since you strongly voice a desire for a preference, you will see my pull request is mostly complete. I could not finish it as I needed some help with the process of embedding the image I created into the woff ogs font file, and licensed under creative commons zero.

Also need some help with css issue in Clock.style. Thank you

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