Other reviewers don't see my changes

After finishing a game I have started a review session. My opponent was not able to see the changes I’ve made in the review. I was not able to see his changes too. I did something wrong, or is this intended?


When you first join a review it should sync you two up. There is only ever one controller though (by default the creator), so only their moves will be visible. If the other player is having trouble seeing them, look for a red ‘sync’ icon above the chat box - or simply have them refresh the page.

In demos/reviews one can still “edit” the board and make new moves and stuff even when the control has been passed to someone else.
As the creator cannot share variations in the chat it is a bit weird to be able to edit stuff that no one can see. I hope in the future the creator of a demo/review can pass control and after that could also share variations in the chat. Maybe even share variations while having control(there is a danger that this leads to alot of confusion)

Also I opened my old old review for some testing http://online-go.com/review/20617 and at first I see empty board saying “loading” and it takes a while. Then the WHOLE page refreshes/blinks for a second and I see all my moves & comments. It feels a little dirty. I’d prefer the OGS loading thing instead of empty board incase the whole page is going to get refreshed anyway.