Out of double-elim tournament after one loss

I lost one game (sweissner2) but did not stay in the tournament. i did not resign or time out


I agree it makes no sense, but apparently it’s a valid way to end a double elim tournament and the one preferred by this site’s developer.

“Determining the winner”
Double Knockout Tournament Format at Sensei's Library

Edit: oh weird, I see your game was neither the grand final nor a loss by timeout! I have no idea how or why you were dropped from the tournament :thinking: perhaps @anoek or @GreenAsJade can see something on the back end? :man_shrugging:


Also strange that somehow roman got 2nd place even though avik played in the grand final


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The tournament thinks that sweissner got 3 losses and roman had 5 points. I guess you are supposed to get a point for each win, and that’s how the final ranking is determined?

Anyway, that’s all consistent with this hypothesis: their game, which roman won, was counted three times instead of once.

We’ve seen similar things with tournaments creating too many games in a single round when the server is overloaded. I suspect there’s some kind of queue of tournament tasks to be handled, with several servers that can handle them. When one of them takes too long, another server steps up to do it, and there isn’t a great system for making sure that only one of them finishes the task.


Quite remarkable to be eliminated from a double-elimination tournament with both 1 loss or 3 losses, depending on the perspective. Software is weird and difficult.