[Outdated] Notifications and outstanding game count not working

Hey guys,

I’m having a bit of an issue that the little black notification dot that tells you how many games want your attention isn’t changing any more. It says 27 even though I only have 9 games where it’s my turn at the moment. And clicking on the dot doesn’t link me to a game where it’s my move, but just a random correspondence game of mine, often one where it’s not my move.


Hello @Valuna,

there’s a server upgrade happening currently, please check again after it’s done, maybe your problem has already been addressed.

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I’m surprised the site is accessible at all during a server upgrade

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Yes it has! All better. Thank you for your time and work.

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Thanks, redirecting this to our demigods developers @anoek and @matburt :slight_smile:


I’m still having a similar problem. The number is stuck to 1 but I’ve made all of my moves.

If I click on it, it brings me to this game, where I’m white and it’s black’s turn.

I’m having an issue as well, I’m not seeing the notifications at all. I can see that I have move on my home screen, but no notifications for them.

I have the same thing. Number stuck at 1, with no moves for me to make

Same issue with me.

Might be stupid, but just to be sure, try logging out, clear OGS cookies and log back in?

Tried that, did not help. I have one game in green in my home screen, but no black icon. See the screenshot

Before I made some moves, I had four games and a notification 2 (no screenshot). This brought me to three games to make a move, the icon went from 1 to absent after the move in the third game.

Hello, I’m having the same problem where at the top right corner I see the notification for 1 game ready but actually I have 2 right now (see screenshot below). I’ve tried to delete cookies, restart browser and login again but no difference. Right now I only have Firefox and Waterfox as browsers, but for what it’s worth I’m having the same issue in both of them.

EDIT: Just checked and I’m having the same problem on my phone (android)


I’m still facing similar issue (on phone, on work pc and on home pc - they all show 5 moves left). Two of my work friends who play on ogs have it also.

@anoek heads up a bit of a nasty one…

Same problem for me, no notifications at all since the server downtime. I’m using Chrome on OSX.

Same problem here, no notification, but plenty of games where it is my turn.

l have the same issue. will it be fixed at all. very annoying.

hi all , now its very difficult playing correspondence play whithout notification , help us please

Same issue for me. No notifications, no small black circle to see how many games I’ve got. Only way to play is to go to home page and scan all games.

I’m also experiencing the same/similar issue. The black circle behaves as if I have not played my turn for one particular game, even if I have. If I get notifications for other games, the number will update with those games, plus one for the stuck game notification.

Actually, this bug is probably more relevant to what I’m experiencing: Game Notification Bug
Also mentioned by someone else here: Game shows it’s my move while it’s not