Page glitching; I cannot play

I can no longer play in one of my games. The chat dialogue box is continuously refreshing, and when I try to place a stone, it is deleted before I can click “Submit Move”. Is anyone else having this problem? I have been trying to play repeatedly for days. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox. What should I do?

I have this kind of issue on smartphone sometimes when I inadvertently tap inside the chat write box.
Tapping somewhere else in the chat area solves the problem.


I’m afraid that doesn’t work for me. In fact, I am finding that OGS is glitching everywhere for me. No matter what game I look at, in either Firefox or Chrome (I’m on my PC), the page keeps refreshing. I can’t play. I can’t navigate through other people’s finished games. I can’t do much of anything.

Am I the only person having this problem? How do I avoid timing out on my game? (I still have plenty of time for now.)

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