Pair two people by a third one

I give lectures in Grenoble Go Club and it was mandatory to switch to the internet. We’d love to use OGS but some people don’t know and some are kids who are 5, 6 years old.
So what I was wondering was : would it be possible for teacher (or tournamen/school… organizers) to pair different people with a couple of settings that they chose so everything can go well in the organization ?

dontt know if it’s useful but i wanted to share the following idea :

  • A (organizer) wants to pair B and C
    1/ A put the settings and the names of the 2 players
    2/ A “fake” challenge appears on the screen of B and C with the settings A put
    3/ B click on “accept” and the real challenge is created with the required settings
    4/ B wait C for the challenge

What do you think ?

all the best and many thanks for keeping OGS better and better everyday =)

Loïc L


I never tried to create tournament in group. But maybe create something with 1 round and 2 people…

I see options:
Exclusivity: invite only
Players: 2 - 2

@vaurien So, it seems its already what you need

But this will mean that B and C will see an invitation to a tournament which I think is not ideal.

It seems to me that this is a great idea and would also be useful for formerly IRL tournaments being held online where the TD wants to organise the pairings in a particular way.


Fully customizable tourneys would be a dream.

Goodness my tournament wishlist is long


Could we make a tournament system outside of OGS back end?

In fact, isn’t Baduck Club basically doing this already - I wonder if they have the features you’re after?

I wonder if that is open source, so we could add to it?

Please do my research for me so I know the answer to these questions :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Paging @Devin_Fraze :slight_smile:

BC definitely has a lot of cool features on the road map. I don’t know how possible it is that they can be integrated to into OGS proper à la OJE, but you’re right it’s a nice option.

I actually do have the answer to this, but it’s complicated, which is why I have summoned Devin haha


Hey @vaurien ,
@GreenAsJade thank you so much for thinking of BadukClub,
Thanks for the summoning spell @benjito

I actually have already built his, haha. I got the idea a while back from Paul Barchilon of the Boulder Go club because I was just calling up organizers and asking them what they’d like to see. (Hint hint)

You can access it via Online Baduk Meetup
However :warning::warning::warning: I haven’t touched or even looked at that page in quite some time.
Even just briefly looking at it now I can see all sorts of things I’d want to change visually to improve clarity and usefulness. The page currently only accepts Fischer time, but that is easily fixable.

Open Source

Yes and no.

  • I am a giant fan of open source and believe in it 100%
  • I built BadukClub with the specific goal in mind of collaborating with other folks.
  • Toward that end, I build it using a “no-code platform” called Bubble with the intention that literally anyone could then become a contributor since building on Bubble is as simple as drag and drop along but with the power of creating apps like Uber of AirBnB. And it truly is easy to use, especially if you have a coding background.
  • Much like Anoek, I’ve created an absolute nest of “code” to pick through in a race to try and get as many new features pushed live as possible. So explanation would be needed.
  • Additionally, version control is complicated and while it is possible for me to publish the “code” for anyone to see, it is actually tied to the database directly. There is however the option for me to add contributors and to limit their access.

So, if you are so inclined to build together I’d be happy to chat further over private message. This also goes for any future people reading this.

@vaurien please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I absolutely love the Grenoble Go Club! It is one of my favorites in the all the world and would be delighted to support in any way I can.


Waow !! Many thanks for that
I’ve already been in baduk club for one year and used it a bit for montreal club but didn’t know such tool existed
I guess I have a lot to explore ! :slight_smile:
However as I said before, during school, adding layers is quite difficult for people who don’t know how it works ^^’ (even if the layers are indeed really helpful!)

So gentle of you. When I came back to Grenoble I’ve been told you participated to Grenoble stage Go-ski. Hope I’ll see you back there someday ^^ or anywhere around the planet ! :smiley: