Pass button position

I have managed to press the pass button accidentally several times now. Could it be moved to the same submenu system as resign or at least away from where the Submit button is?


This has been discussed before. Use the forums search function before making a new thread. Sometimes the forums system also notices similar topics and says so.

Thanks Pempu. I did actually search before I posted and didn’t see anything similar. At least not referring to pass button (after a more extended search I found something about the analysis buttons). Maybe the problem is with the search function too!

Can you point to the thread so that others can link directly to it instead of discussing here?

Ok to be fair it’s not about pass button but buttons in general. There are threads about analyse button like you said and undo button

There’s another related discussion here.

Thanks Odo, but that is about what the buttons are rather than the position of them.

Nope, that was about the undo and pass buttons being in the same place.

I am awfully sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but I agree with jmstone that the other threads do not cover this particular button placement. For me playing on a tablet this is the biggest drawback with playing on ogs sice I accidentally pass more than once per game on an average. I think moving the pass button or making it smaller would certainly improve the situation.