Pause on weekends. How to turn it off?

Trying to play a bot I see: “There was an unexpected error: your live challenge has pause on weekends, but this is only possible for correspondence games, please try again.”

How do I disable the pause on weekends? I can’t find the setting anywhere.


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Probably switch to starting a correspondence game, uncheck the “weekend pause” and then switch back to live?

Sadly that didn’t work, but at least I finally found where the setting is, thank you! It is now disabled when I try to start a correspondence game, but when I try a live game with bot “katago-micro”, up comes the same error.

Hmm… Perhaps ask the bot owner, maybe the error is on their side?

How does one do that? I can’t start a game with the bot so can’t use the chat feature?

On the profile of the bot the administrator is listed:


You can send them a message by clicking their username and clicking the “message” button.

Thank you!!