Pausing games

Black had paused the game for a while. What I don’t understand is why the resume button is on my page.

Am I supposed to wait for black or should I force the game to resume? And how long should I wait before I push him?

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When one player pauses the game, either player can resume it at any time. I guess that’s to prevent the feature from being abused. Hence, pauses should typically be discussed and agreed between the players, since a pause essentially requires mutual consent.

You might want to try reaching out to your opponent via a direct message. If they seem to be gone with no sign of returning, then I think it would be reasonable to unpause the game and simply let them time out in order to move on. You could even ask a moderator to annul the game if you feel that you don’t deserve the win. However, the player already seems to have timed out in another correspondence game recently, so any further time outs won’t affect the rating system anyways.

Since they didn’t provide a time frame for their absence or even request the pause with you, I think it’s reasonable for you to wait for as long or as little as you wish.


In fact, this is the basic premise of “pause”. It is a request, not an obligation.

Particularly if your opponent has not done you the courtesy of explaining what for and how long for, I would resume without compunction - reaching out to them in direct message is also a worthwhile courtesy.

Even if your opponent does politely ask for you to honour their pause, you are not obliged to do so.


What happens if the winner of the game is supposed to have another opponent who already won their game? Is there a cut-off date for pauses if it affects someone else?

I bet the opponent is not aware of the existence of the vacation function. They seem to have paused all of the games. Perhaps it is a good thing to verify that first?


Is there a cut-off date for pauses if it affects someone else?

There is no “cut off date” for a pause because the opponent can always resume.

Note that you can still play turns in a game that is paused - this can be useful.

But there is a “mis feature/bug” (IMO) which is that a game that is paused can go into scoring, where the “resume” button is no longer available. Then it is stuck until the players accept the score … or one of them reports it and a moderator calls the game.

I don’t understand that sentence, sorry!

If we are in a correspondence tournament, A against B and C against D. The winner from A-B will play the winner of C-D.

If A beats B, do they have to wait indefinitely if the C-D game goes into pause/ vacation?

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Hence things like this:


I’m literally laughing alone in the dark. :smiley:


Yes and No.

Vacation time is limited. The most you can get is 60 days as suporter. If vacation time reaches 0, the clock starts to run again.

When a paused game blocks the progress of a tournament, contact both players and/or use “call moderator”.


Is the pause really unlimited for its duration or is it like the no time control setting for a game? (Which seems in fact limited to 60 days between moves)



Pauae will not end until either player or a moderator cancels it.


Last question, can you play moves while the game is on pause?


Yes you 100% can