Penalizing users who cancel many automatch games in row



Does it make sense to penalize uses who cancel many automatch games in row ?

Or many automatch games with the same opponent in row ?

It happened to me 5 times in row with the same user.



Do you still get matched if you block them?



I haven’t tried and i I don’t kow if I can check how the automatch algorithm is excluding them.



I know that when a match finishes, the auto-match system will avoid matching you to that person again for some period of time. Maybe it should also avoid matching two people if the game is canceled.


I would highly recommend blocking the user in question.



I don’t feel harassed to that point but I wonder we can consider this like non ethical…

I was just questioning it goes against the OGS netiquette somehow. By the way, I don’t know if we have something written on what a good behaviour is,what a bad behaviour is.



It sounds like that person simply didn’t want to play you, and probably should have blocked you themselves :slight_smile:


I think it makes sense not to penalize this in the current system especially with the “default” 13k set up. Maybe they’re a new player new to this site and just clicking around and waiting for other [?] players. Also, there are people who don’t want to play [?] and if they end up getting matched to the say guy they probably have no choice but cancel again and again. I can understand this kind of behavior of avoiding matching up with a [?] 5d who will just rekt you or a [?]25k who might not know when to pass. I do get a lot of cancellations when I use my new accounts.

Maybe a better solution is adding an option to ask the system to not automatically match you with someone who you just played etc (cuz if you actually want to play them you would probably just ask for a rematch directly).


As I understand it, that has already been implemented. The issue in this post is that they hadn’t just played.