People who are not seriousbut wont quit?!

So far every game i have had today (5) has been with a fool who uggs not playing serious but will not quit the game so I’m forcedto lose by either timing out out resigning is there any way to avoid this im trying to improve my ranking

You could try calling a mod through the in-game option, or reporting the player by clicking their name and hitting the report button. If you do not want to play them again, you can also hit the block button and block them from accepting your challenges. If you would’ve won the game without this, you can still call a mod through the in-game option to try and get the games annulled, though note that not all games are able to be annulled.


I’m not sure whiche games you’re referring to, as you’ve played quite a few today in April, but I don’t see any from today. Regardless, I have a few thoughts. First, what do you mean that they’re “not playing serious”? I found one game where your opponent spends a bit of time trying to play out an invasion that you keep capturing, but at the 25k level, this is normal. (And actually would have worked if they played one move differently.) Interestingly, your opponent actually passed twice in this game (, indicating that they were trying to end it. Are you familiar with how ending a game works - that is, both players pass and it goes to scoring?

Second, as Haze noted, you can call a moderator if an opponent is truly just attempting to troll, and they can help with the situation. However, with newer players, this is likely from a lack of understanding moreso than malice.


Are these games from today private because I am unable to see any games from May at all. The last game I can see is from April 30.

Also @polar-bear, in the game you showed, lohren911 actually passed twice, not their opponent.

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Oh wow I just looked at the most recent date and didn’t even pay attention to the fact that it wasn’t today. Ignore me, lol.

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I am kind of confused, I think you are talking about your other account as Lohren911 did not play any games today, but from what I have seen in most of the games you were actually losing, is there some misunderstanding? Or what do you mean by playing “serious”?

In the only case I have seen that would fit my understanding of the term, that was your opponent’s first game, That happens, not everyone who joins has a good understanding of the basics, he seemed quite polite, and it often solves the issue just approaching people in the chat politely :slight_smile: