Permanent Vacation?

This game is listed as on vacation - and has been for weeks, though as far as I can tell, my opponent is not on vacation…

I’ve been watching that game closely and kind of wondered what’s going on with it. I’m in another game in that tournament where my opponent has paused and disappeared (for several months now), and I intend to force-resume it when your game finishes so as to not hold up the tournament.

Huh indeed, looks like it got left in the vacation state some how. It also looks like he is about to time out on all of his other games… i’ll try and figure out how that game didn’t get resumed properly, but remind me in a couple days and if he timed out on all of his other games I reckon he wont be coming back and I’ll call the game in your favor.

Looks like no change here. Care to take a look?

Hmm, looks like he might actually be making moves - i’ve shot him a message about it

Is there some way to restart the clock?

FYI I talked to him, going in and out of vacation still didn’t resolve the issue, so he’s just going to be playing through - he was confused and thought you were on vacation as well, so he should be playing now :smile:

I’ve got it on the list of things to fix up, resolving the vacation and clock issue for you… but you guys should be able to play the game whilst I figure out what’s going on at least.