Person not ending game

I am not sure what category to put this in. I was playing a game and my opponent (stripsan) left the game when the game was over, refusing to resign or accept the removed stones. How can I end a game when my opponent is a sore loser and does not allow the game to end when they lost?

Hey Ofek!

You’ve come to the right place. :slight_smile:

I have ended the game in your favor!


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Shouldn’t the game have ended by the new 1 minute forfeit rule? Since the opponent closed the window?

Yes, it should. However, leaving the game in the scoring phase does not trigger the forfeit rule yet. (It’s a loophole we haven’t fixed yet but will soon) :slight_smile:

I’m in a similar situation myself, can someone finish it for me please.


There’s a 1-minute forfeit rule? Really? So, if you lose your connection or your browser crashes (which can happen), you lose in 1 minute even if you have 10 minutes on the clock?

That sucks.


It’s only supposed to apply if you close the browser cleanly. It does not apply if your browser crashes or you lost internet.

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Yeah, my computer crashed a couple of times, but I am always able to reconnect.

Fair enough, then.

My opponent did not accept the removed stones. Can someone do something about it?

(I have to add that this behaviour does not mean that the person is a sore loser, the buttons behaved strangely in my browser sometimes, too.)

I would also like to know what the ranking changes are if I would continue the game until a time-out from my opponent or a resignation as compared to a proper ending. I have resigned in the past when the situation was hopeless, but I am not sure that I have not cheated my opponent out of a crushing win.

The ranking points awarded are only from win/lose it doesn’t matter if you win 0,5 points, 56 points or from resignation.

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Thank you.

And again :frowning:


Should be resolves now. :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issue, could someone help?

Thank you!

Do I have to wait until someone responds? 'Cause its rather late where I am.

I’ve resolved the game for you Melrakkablus! :slight_smile:

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