Phony rating

Watch out for nitwit Yuttana. Self rated 6D (!!!), his actual strength : 9k.


Nah, I wouldn’t even call him a 9k.

Reverse Sandbagging is not an issue me thinks. It’s the actual one that is. PS: Apparently he’s been changed to 24k by the system or admins.

Both airbagging and sandbagging are equally a problem. Both mess with our ranking system if left alone to do what they please.

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Forgive me for being too clever by half …

[quote=“HowToPlay, post:4, topic:6188”]
isn’t it called “heliumbagging”?

</smart aleck> :wink:

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I would think it was called diamondbagging. See, sand is on the soft end of my spectrum so I thought there should be something harder, not lighter like air. Someone acts weak is sand, soft, in comparison to someone who acts stronger like a diamond, harder. No? :smiley:

I like “helium ballooning”.