Plan conditional moves? No Help in OGS?

There seems to be no Help description for the “Plan conditional moves” button. How does it work in detail?

There also seems to be no Help for all the other features of OGS games, unless my chemotherapy is making me miss something obvious, which is possible.

True, some features like Pass and Resign are defined by the nature of the game itself, but others leave me puzzled, like what the difference is between Analyze Game and Review This Game. I would think that Help documentation must surely be part of the software development process here as it is elsewhere. I just can’t find it.

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Check here:

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Thank you! Looks good.

Now someone should add a Help button to all OGS pages.

ADDED: I got it! You just click on the words “Current Move” to enter the next possible response of your opponent and your response. What a great feature! The write-up should give better examples.

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