Play Go for Ukraine

From Inseong Hwang,

Dear Go players,

Twelve Europe-based Go teachers + four players gathered their ideas and made this event for Ukrainian Go families.

We offer about 70 of 1:3 simultaneous games and will ask participants for a small donation(20€ per game).

Of course, we will use all the funds to help Ukrainian Go families.

Please find more details on the website

We, Go teachers, would love to play with you and make the Go world better through this event.

Artem Kachanovskyi, Andrii Kravets, Motoki Noguchi, Lukáš Podpěra, Lucas Neirynck, Lukas Kraemer, Chi-min Oh, Young-sam Kim, Tanguy Le Calve, Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia, Cornel Burzo Camí Levek, Lorenz Trippel, Harry van der Krogt, Semi Lee.


Sounds cool!

@artem92, your name is mentioned here as a participating teacher. Could you please confirm if this is legit?

As Inseong Hwang and Semi Lee managed the creation of this event, we can trust them I think :wink:

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Are there some public posts from these people confirming so, and that the site linked above is the correct one?

I know them IRL and @KyamiRefur (who I also know IRL quite well) made the poster

aaaaand he also posted it on facebook for instance : Redirecting...


Thanks, something like that facebook post was something that I wanted to see to confirm.

Many people probably don’t know the original poster of this thread or the other people involved in real life, so having some sort of confirmation from these professionals’ social media accounts would probably help reassure them that everything is legit, when money is being asked for.


Awesome idea. Thank you all for support.


it’s a real event :slight_smile: I know each participant personally :wink:

the money collected is managed transparently by the treasurer of the EGF

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If you don’t know the original poster, then you haven’t read the European Go Journal.

Well, I imagine that a lot of people here might not have yet read the European Go Journal. Even I, despite having bought all of the issues, have not actually gotten around to reading them yet. So, sorry, I did not recognize the name Kyami Refur.

However, even if one recognizes the names, I think one might want to just have confirmation that the accounts and posts here are actually from the people that they claim to be from. I think the Facebook post linked by @vaurien seems helpful to confirm, provided that one trusts that is the legitimate Facebook account of the teacher that runs (I don’t really use Facebook, so I’m not too sure myself).

Looks like it is also promoted on reddit by the user Inseong


héhé, no problem, i’m here incognito :shushing_face:

You need to go to KyamiRefur’s OGS page, then click on the link to find her real secret identity.

:scream: noooooo

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I will participate in the event as a teacher - that’s true :slight_smile:


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