Player cards in dark site theme should better indicate stone color

I often find myself wondering which player is black and which is white. This isn’t so much a problem when playing a game myself obviously, but makes a huge difference when spectating or reviewing other games. Having to click game information or memorize that the left player is black (or was it white?) is not a good user experience.

Umm, the player cards are coloured. I’m not imagining that am I?

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No you aren’t imagining it, they are indeed colored.



Are you using some third party app to access OGS perhaps? What do the game page player cards look like to you?

I see. I use the normal site on a phone with dark theme. Then this is an issue with the dark theme. The cards are slightly tinted differently but isn’t obvious at all that they are indicating color like in the light theme. I see it clearly in the light theme.

Maybe the style can be improved for the dark theme? Also, to me highlighting the whole card seems to hint who’s turn it is, not the color they are playing. I actually thought this was the case for a while.


The problem is that people use the dark theme because they don’t want massive swathes of white screen blinding them… so I think the difference in shading is obvious enough as it stands to indicate black and white… and I guess if you want sharper contrasts, use the light theme?


There are other indications you can use to know who’s playing as what color. The one on the left is always black, the one on the right is always white, the timer going down when it is X’s turn.

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