Player Online/Offline markers appear to be bugged

I wanted to make a brief bug report. I think the player Online/Offline markers appear to be bugged because when I am on the main dashboard, the player list on the left hand side shows a green marker (indicating that someone is online), but when I visit a game they are playing, it continues to show them as being both online on the left side of the screen but offline in the black/white player ID boxes in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The icons don’t tend to change, either.

Anyway, hope this helps! Here’s an example.

The friends list shows if the player has any(maybe any?) OGS window open.
The player box shows only if the player has that particular game window open.

I see! I get what the intention was now. That wasn’t really apparent to me, so I thought about how one might make the distinction between the two functions more apparent. Have you considered maybe changing the, “Player is currently looking at this game” marker to an open eye vs. shut eye graphic?

Something like this:

I dunno - just an idea :slight_smile: