Player won't accept removed stones!

Hi! I just ended this match and the guy won’t accept removed stones, he left the page—>>>
He deserved to win, I made lots of mistakes for not paying enough attention, but still the games go on my favor thanks to komi. Maybe he was mad at losing or something. He is 24k and with a lot of matches on OGS, so he knows when a game ends. Please help!

Edit: player is on OGS cause he created another game. I sent him a chat message, he didn’t answer nor ended the game. I think players should be punished in cases like this

Edit 2: I canceled the stone remover phase, and it was my turn, so I passed again and canceled again…this time was his turn, so he timed out. The game doesn’t need moderator anymore!

Sorry about that… sometimes it happens. Unfortunately some people aren’t good sports.