Players that often lose by timeout in correspondence games should not be allowed to play way too many games at the same time

If you don’t care enough to finish the games that you are playing or simply don’t have the time to play at least 1 move per day(each game) maybe you shouldn’t be playing way too many games at the same time?

My suggestion: once a player (that is playing like 20+ games at the same time) loses a correspondence game by timeout, stop the said player from starting/joining new correspondence games/tournaments for like 1 day or more.

I think that’s a reasonable suggestion. I wouldn’t expect it to help much though. I think most timeouts are from people who simply stop playing (entirely or for a while), not from people who can’t keep up. (I don’t have any hard numbers to support that though, just my impression.)


I had mentioned a similar problem a while back (it didn’t go well).

In my limited experience, it was people accepting everything and then not bothering to keep up.

I just looked at my last 5 wins by timeout (correspondence). None of the 5 opponents had many games going. In 4 cases the reason was simply stopping to play, the 5th is a bit unclear.

N=5 isn’t much, but it’s a bit better than ‘just my impression’.

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It is indeed annoying if a player times out. However there are invalid reasons for timing out but also valid reasons. And since it is impossible to determine whether a time out is valid or not, this measure - banning a player from starting/joining correspondence games/tournaments for like 1 day or more - is just too harsh.

By the way, timing out in live, blitz or rengo tournaments is also annoying.

  1. Play fast correspondence with 24-48 hours per move. There are groups for it with “fast correspondence” in their titles

  2. Persuade OGS team to change the default correspondence settings to faster 24-48 hours per move instead of up to 1 week

This is not Fast Correspondence by any definition I’m familiar with.

The current default is 1 day per move.


I have to add it depends on the time settings, I missed that before.

People don’t timeout because they don’t play daily, only if they exceed the game’s specific time settings (which can be literally months per move).

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My point is, if you are likely to not finish some of your games, you should focus on your current games, instead of starting new games that may also not get finished.

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As I’ve mentioned, I’ve raised a similar point myself before.

I don’t really appreciate game hoarders, because they snatch games from people who would actually play and enjoy them, on top of leaving their opponents hanging.

I’m just pointing out that game settings are important to keep in mind.

People who time out in long games usually don’t come back, people who time out in fast/mid games are usually hoarders. In my limited experience.

I wouldn’t want to ban these people, but I certainly block them from accepting my challenges. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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  1. Fast Correspondence

  2. But its not one day per move. Its one day for up to 7 days, which is a huge difference

Is there really that much of a difference between 1 move every day and 7 moves every week?

Do you even know this forum


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