Playing against territorial opponents

Hi, I seem to have difficulty playing against really territorial players on 13 x 13 boards, especially in the opening I was hoping for a review of two games I had with a territorial player.

I feel like my approach moves were not enough in response to such territorial play, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I reviewed the first game and the second one very briefly.

From what I saw you play a lot more territorially than he does.

And I noticed your jalousy of the opponent’s territory which lead to over aggressivity on your part when you could have calmly built your side of the board and win without a sweat.

Maybe try to train counting points at different times during the game and place your stones accordingly.

There are other small tactics mistakes but those will come with time.

Thank you for the review, I have played this opponent twice before in the past and know his style of play. so i tried to just play twice as territorially in order to see if it would somehow work