Playing Go IRL pictures


beautiful scenery , i want to play there too
more close than Japan


Ellie Cup ???


next year , i will be there too


i want to go back to Japan


Koba , the cutest kitten playing balls


Please ignore the made up position on the board, I was getting ready to explain counting territory to my kids. My cat thinks the position is even.


Playing 3 color go with the children! Bad picture quality because phone is bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. Somehow, I’ve never heard of 3-color go. Often at our go group IRL, there are only three of us. Now I can suggest this instead of us playing 9x9 in rotation, or having one person sit out and kibitz a 19x19 game. Of course, we’ll need to get a third color of stones.


Just a short off-topic note:

What we do in our IRL Go group when we’re only three, is that we all play two games simultaneously: we sit in a triangle and everyone play the two other ones. Sometimes a bit confusing, like “OH NO, how many black Yunzi stones did I put in the bowl with the slate stones?”, but otherwise we have fun with that.


Me too. But I often play poorly because I don’t want the other guy to wait too long so I rush. Or I don’t rush and neglect the other guy.

Play Chinese rules if you mix up stones. You are using Yunzi (chinese stones) after all.


Play Chinese rules in one game, Japanese in the other, and New Zealand in the other. That should help avoid confusion :grinning:


A couple pics from a tournament my son and I played in this weekend in Raleigh NC. Great weather for an outdoor event.


First go board just purchased today. I guess I am invested in this hobby now.


Sorry I did not answered (since I did not came back on the forum :x )
It was not for Ellie cup, the first one was for a little lecture Inseong ( wanted to try on us about AlphaGo new josekis and the second was for a casual rendez-vous the monday at Grenoble =)


Amsterdam, last night.


She’s giving me 5 handi and doesn’t even care!


I made a serious evaluation of that game position. My logic went as follows.

  1. We can expect that Black will play H18 to save his group in gote.
  2. Let us assume that White plays a simple move to protect the centre; in my evaluation, this was the keima to I6.
  3. Black has ~ 15 points in the two right corners.
  4. Black has ~90 points points on the side, plus let’s say potential 10 points more in the centre left.
  5. White has about 100 points in his big moyo.

My counting’s not good, but I’d thus say that Black won this game.


It’s strange: I don’t have the usual “like” and other buttons at the botto of trohde’s post.

Anyone else? (FWIW, I wanted to like it!)


When it comes to cold weather there are few things I like better than observing it from indoors. Doing it while seated in front of a brand new goban is even nicer. :slight_smile:

(Full disclosure: not my game, it’s a historical one laid out for study.)


TBH, it’s such a long time ago that I don’t really remember :grimacing: I think the 1st game was won by W, totally no idea abt the 2nd.

And mkei who was once two stones weaker than me has long since overtaken and meanwhile must be 3-4 stones stronger than I am :smiley: We haven’t played in a long time since my “Go salon” was closed for almost a year (and still is) b/c my guest apartment (said “Go Salon”) is occupied, but meanwhile I’ve been preparing the (not yet) living room downstairs and hope to have “open door” again for Go every Friday evening at the beginning of 2018.

And this:

:open_mouth: no idea what’s going on there. But thanks :slight_smile: :pray: