Playing move in one game nullifies acceptance of stone removal in another

I have a game at scoring Stone Removal phase. I have clicked to accept removed stones.
Started another game. Every time I play a move in that game two things happen that do not make sense.

  1. I am immediately switched to the other game (in scoring phase). I object to this when I might prefer to wait for my opponent to move or look at the board.
  2. The green check mark next to my id has changed back to a red X and I have to redo the acceptance.


  1. This is due to “Auto-advance to next game after making a move” option checked. You can switch it off in Settings.
  2. This bug is discussed in another thread.

I do not have a game in that state to retest. I do not think it is due to auto-advance because I disabled that and am pretty sure that after that the same thing occurred when I advanced to the other game and returned in any way.

I would try opening the game URL in a new tab if I had the opportunity. I have done so with a game and the new tab showed a different state. However I can not specify exactly what the conditions were.

I have encountered some glitches that are only fixed by closing the browser window.