Please add options to disable AI variations

10 moves long AI variations being randomly shown during AI analysis don’t really help in my opinion. If anything they are visual clutter. Please add option to turn them off while keeping AI analysis itself active. I can always look at them move by move.


I’d like this too, always have to play 2 useless moves in a corner so that those AI variations disappear and I can actually understand the board.


Isn’t it possible to customise the number of AI variation moves?
Would be a nice feature.
I hardly ever use AI because of what @Pond_Turtle describes as visual clutter.

If you’re in “Analysis mode” then the option to disable AI analysis is in the slide-in panel on the right.

The enable/disable option is either enable or disable the AI review totally.
It is either on or off.

The OP would like to have an option in the middle: AI review on, but move sequences off (but still playable move per move).

And to be honest I would love that too.

Schermafbeelding 2022-10-17 om 09.52.36

Schermafbeelding 2022-10-17 om 09.53.01


I would also like this option


I misunderstood. That does seem like a reasonable feature to have.