Please bring the active games chart back

After the update (which is a great improvement) I can no longer find the chart with active games (the one that plots small squares for active games). Please bring it back, as otherwise it’s hard to find interesting games to watch.

The page that displays the list of active games doesn’t sort them and thus it takes time to look at each of every 40 or so games to find the one with dan players.

If you click “Play” at the top of the page (, it shows you the chart

EDIT: Sorry, I misread your comment. I guess you were asking about a chart for ongoing games rather than open games. Yeah, I guess that’s gone now.

It still exists in the lower left hand corner of the Chat room, but I agree that it should be in a more accessible location. Possibly as an optional feature under “Play”, so that those who only want to see open challenges can disable it while still allowing those players who like to see active games and open games in the same chart to do so.

You can observe active Games by clicking the “Games” tab at the top of the screen which links here:

This link contains an unsorted list of all the ongoing games split across multiple pages (20 per page). The only way to find an interesting game there is to look at each game, read ranks of the two players and do this for every game and every page. At least it should provide a way to sort games by rank.


An observation graph would be nice, like the old chat one.

Which I also miss, but it is clearer so I understand why it was done.