Please Help Admin

Please deactivate my accountS. I have several accounts. I have a bad habit of creating and deleting accounts but unfortunately ogs doesnt have the option of the latter. I am also not smart enough to play online go. So perhaps my accounts should be deleted. I would like to send a list of my accounts through email. I will not be using ogs anymore because the players are too smart. I am sorry for this problem I created in this website. If this request is ignored. I understand, it is my fault anyway. Thank You!

Why not just become smart yourself by now, go to play some cool go games and even maybe make some new friends around? I can play a game with you if you wish

No one is smart enough to start winning immediately. Go a skill that is developped over time :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a reason to delete your accounts. We might claim them if they are unused for long, but let’s keep them for now, maybe you will want to come back after short vacation. :slight_smile:

While I disagree with the sentiment that you need to be smart to play go, OGS really does need a function to delete accounts. That being said, I understand that this would be a headache to implement.

Sure and you don’t need to know how to cook to eat some raw potatoes too. In a whole process of gives and takes, balance of influence/territories, many aspects of the game are pretty smart and someone who doesn’t respect the moves of his opponent, who is jealous, hasty, too hungry, egocentric and so on … Could have some slow down on the road to play better. Well my guess .
My friend 10k since years keep trying to trick his opponent, hoping that he won’t see his 25k traps. Ok if you want, you don’t need to be smart to play.

I did read somewhere here that the main concern about deleting is the games and the rating system