Please help to review my 9x9 game (SDK level). There's a particular move that keeps stumping me

Here is the game:

The particular move in question is the attachment move 11 at E2. He’s done it twice to me and both times, I failed to respond appropriately and lost both games. I have checked the very limited 9x9 pro games and the first 6 moves have been played several times before so I can somewhat postulate that my opening did not lead to this problem. I’m also pretty sure move 7-10 were not wrong and inevitable. Meaning 11 was unavoidable and that I need to find an appropriate move to, which I still cannot find.

2nd Game Reference:
Move 11 again! Whaddaya know? I just don’t learn :confused:

So, please help people! Thank you very much. If not, I will just have to avoid this 9x9 opening from now on.

I believe it to just be the downside of your opening choice. He makes a large wall on one side of the board then attacks your one stone that is all alone and you have no where left to run.

I couldn’t really devise a satisfactory variation after black’s move, but I did find a different way you might be interested in.

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Thank you Mark! Your comments and variations were rather insightful nevertheless.

There are some other options. Can play F4 rather than F2, or H4 rather than F4. But they’re both tricky fights.

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Also, rather than Mark’s G3, which is a arguably a little passive, you might try F4 immediately.

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