Please, I would like a review about 6k vs 7k

Please, I would like a review about this game, when I lost.
I think that I had a better fuseki, and opponent was overconcentred, but he invaded and won.

I’m white.

Thank you very much, and good weekend for all :wink:

I’m only12k, but I’m interested :slight_smile:

I didn’t understand move 78, w R8.

The corner and the upper right are both secure for black, so the most this could do is take away 6-8 points from that little side area. But the price was inviting black out into the middle in sente.

My naive DDK move at that point might have been O6. I would say “OK you can have the right, but I will have the middle”.

Enjoy! I’ll put more comments later on.


Thank you very much Jokes!!! :wink:
I’m very happy. I loved the review!

Have a good week!

I added some more comments in the later game.

I think the biggest recurring mistake that I can see over and over is that you tend to play sente moves just for the sake of it. It’s a bad habit, which you need to work on if you want to get to dan level. Abusing opponents aji is key to efficient play-out (bots like Alpha Go are especially efficient in squizzing out extra value from the aji). Whenever you play a sente move you need to have a clear purpose to it (fixes your own shape, brakes opponent, prevents opponents sente, etc.). You should never play them just because you can.

I like your style, it’s very honest.

See you around.

Can you elaborate on the kind of sente moves to avoid?

I know that I value sente highly, so now I’m suspicious of myself having this problem, but I can’t recognise it…

I did point out few examples in the review. Playing sente moves out of reflex, just b3cause you expect your opponent to respond may lead to aji keshi, damezumari or other problems. As a not very useful rule of thumb, if a move can be played any time (i.e. oponent doesn’t have sente in the area as well), play the move as late as possible or when it actually matters.

One way to think about it is through perspective of end-game. In the end game, sente moves are ‘yours’ to play. When estimating the end-score you’d account all the sente moves to be given to you. You could play them at any moment, but you can also wait until the ‘reverse-sente’ move becomes the biggest on board. If you understand that a sente move can be claimed at any time, the ‘proper’ approach is to play the at the very last moment. During end-game it doesn’t matter that much, but in earlier stages playing premature sente can easily lose points by constraining your future options.