Please, I would like a review about this 11k game. ^^

Hello, everybody.
Can someone help me with a review about this game? ^^

I’m white.

Thank you!!!

Review for you:

Your style is so peaceful it’s basically pacifist (You played just one hane in the first 90 moves, for example). This is to your detriment because it’s causing you to play slack moves time and time again in the middle game and you lose your opening advantage to aggressive and even reckless and unreasonable plays, as here. You have to remember Go is a game of life and death. In my opinion, you’re thinking far too much about your own health and life right now and don’t pay enough consideration to squeezing the last remnants of life out of your enemies when they’re already lying cold and blue and lifeless on the floor. Take a healthy dose of fighting spirit and calculated risk-taking to your next game.

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Mark5000, thank you very much.
It’s the best review in my life xDDD

I have already saw it two times, and I will see some more times to understand everything that I can.

I will try to be more aggressive, and make more use of power of my stones and thickness.

Thank you very much!!!

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