Please, I would like a review about this very strange Fuseki game. I'm curious to see a dan player opinion [19x19 7k]

Hello everybody. How are you?

In this game, I’m white.
The opponent with black stones started playing funny moves in the middle to make a moyo and get influence.

I got three corners, and after that I put a stone on tengen, trying nullify his influence instead get the 4th corner.
Some moves after that, I was trying to stop his building in the middle…But I could not stop him.

This was a strange game. I’m feeling like I went back to playing as 20k with no understanding of the game.

Please, someone can help-me with a review and some important principles?
I’m white.

Thank you very much.
A good week for all!

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the super obvious mistake = move 82, which should be at f16
but probably play that at move 78
also in order for f11 to work, you need to go to c11 first

work on your shapes, groups status(life/death), and liberties first