Please, I would like a review of this game

Please, I would like a review of this game.
It’s the worse game that i have played, I don’t knew how to stop the attack of my opponent, and with few moves, he had the four corners and the center, then I resigned.

I am learning some Josekis, but I am bad to answer opponent moves in my territory.


Thank you a lot, and sorry for take your time!!!

I did my best. I am not used to the controls for review yet.

= )

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o17 - c15 may be better.

f3 - you should not tenuki iin the upper right corner as it’s 2-1 there.
c11 is usually bad. you should help the s17 group (see the josekis for this).
g17 seems like an overplay - help the corner instead.
l3 - help the stone at o17
l17 - r18 is usually better.
c8 - you should help the o17 group. the correct move locally is probably at c5 instead of c8.
o3 - c17 group can be killed now, try to live instead.
c3 - b4 or c4 is better.
r5 - better to attack the d5 group with sente and do r5 later
e6 - f4 or g5 is better.
g4 - you have too many vutting points, g3 is better. black will get many forcing moves.
d6 - corner is dead now, you must go at c1.

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Thank you very much.
I loved the reviews, and them help me a lot!!!

I’m very happy, thanks again!

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