Please increase cookie/login lifespan


Could you please increase the life of OGS login sessions, or provide a “remember me” option to remember logins forever (or at least 1 year)? It’s not like an OGS account contains any sensitive information. It’s really a hassle to have to login every week or so, especially because I have to do it on all three of my devices: main computer, laptop, phone, etc.

I don’t see the point of such a short lifespan of the current cookie/login session.


I think right now we are on a 2 week session timeout… let me think about this a bit and we’ll see about expanding the timeout.

Personally, as a web developer myself, I don’t see the need for such a short timeout for this site. There is like I said, no sensitive data or anything that needs protection. It just creates a hassle for frequent users.

If for some reason you are unwilling to increase the default session timeout, at least consider adding a “remember me” option, which will allow users to choose if they want to be remembered for a longer time or not, putting the choice and responsibility in their own hands.