Please please please fix stone placement bug

I am traveling with only iDevices. This morning I got bit by stone placement bug. Then when I tried to request undo, I got message “error processing undo request.”

I’ve stopped playing from my telephone entirely after several misplacements. It’s very frustrating:(

Have you tried changing your submit mode from “One click to move” to “Submit move button”? By default live games will submit your move after simply clicking on a point. However, if you go to your Profile Settings, under Game Preferences there is an option to set “Live game submit mode” to “Submit move button.” This way you can click once, make sure that the placement is correct, then your move is confirmed only if you click “Submit move.”

Hey Weston. In my case, I am playing correspondence mode with the “submit move” button enabled. I put the stone one place, and then when I click submit, it moves to line 19 somewhere. Not every time. Sometimes.

Thanks for the clarification saxmaam ; that does sound like a real bug afterall!

And a longstanding one.

You may vote for this “idea” on uservoice:

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Too bad I have used my waaaay to few votes :frowning:

by iDevices you mean iPhone and iPad with Safari?
I had opponents requesting undo due to this problem, but I personally haven’t encountered the problem neither on my iPad with Safari nor on my android phone with chrome.
I’m not on the OGS team, but for the sake of fixing this bug, can you please give them more details (device, OS version, browser, browser version.)
If you’re in iOS, I guess there is no real point in asking you to switch browsers, since Apple require all of them to use Apple’s engine (but maybe not their javascript engine, so maybe you could try Chrome.)

rantash, people (including me) have given details on 4-5 other threads. I don’t have the motivation to keep describing it.

But yeah … ipad, updated OS and APPSs. People complain about android devices as well.

trohde, I don’t understand the distinctions, but if you click on the “vote on features” link above, I think you can vote some more.

And if you are sufficiently motivated, you can take votes back from one idea and give them to another.

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Maybe it would be good for us to agree to support a limited number of high priority ideas. Then as those get addressed, we chose something new.

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Seriously … We could do an elimination voting thing and all go give 3 votes each to the top 2 winners. … Like that fused I voting thing from a while back

sorry, i wasn’t aware of that.

Don’t be sorry :wink:

You may or may not have gotten this mail from UserVoice:

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hey trohde, I did get that. how very awesome!

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FYI: Beta-Test Of First Workaround — Please Participate

Quoting from another Uservoice mail

[quote]An initial workaround is in place on the beta server (, testing would be appreciated.

At present the expected behavior is such that when the erroneous 19th row stone is ‘placed’ right before submit, the submit button will simply not work, giving you a chance to correct the position.

If we can confirm that this is indeed happening as expected reliably from those with devices that are exhibiting this behavior, we can move on to attempting to auto-correct the erroneous placement by rolling back to the prior move before submit, however given the potential for incorrect submissions under normal circumstances, we would like to hold off on doing this until we are absolutely sure we have a workaround that only catches these weird cases.

To repeat, feedback and testing on the beta server of this workaround is much appreciated, feel free to email me us directly with the results at[/quote]

I’ll be there today as saxmaam to play some live games.

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Sent results on two games played today.