Please remind me how to change "Black to move"

In my browser history, suddenly I’m again getting “Black to Move” titles instead of the default, and I forget the advice I got to fix this problem the last time it happened. I’m using Windows 11, which has some bugs, if that is relevant.

Go here and toggle Dynamic title

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It’s set Off (no dynamic title), when viewed from another computer. I’ll check back with the other computer when I have time. This could be a synchronization problem due to Windows 11 or Chrome. Thanks for your excellent reply.

The settings are stored locally, so you can only inspect the settings of your other computer via your other computer.


Ah! That explains everything. I had assumed the settings would be stored with the account. Thanks; success.

Most settings are indeed stored with the account, and AFAIK it’s only the game and sound—and announcement? Not sure about these.—settings that aren’t, instead these are stored in a browser-specific cookie because for example you may want different submission settings on your mobile phone than you want on desk-/laptop.

That makes perfect sense. Until dynamic titles creates confusion. Thanks.

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