Please restore time of day information to chat window

It’s really helpful to know when your opponent posted a chat message. Was it in the last 5 minutes, or an hour ago? Timestamp would be very much appreciated.

Shoot it felt like something was missing… i’ll get that fixed up when i get off work

Those game window chats had a date stamp also. That could be useful in the chat channels too. Maybe not visible on every message but once in 24 hours.

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Yep agreed… might as well do that now while i’m in there

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Yes, date stamp every 24 hrs in chat channels would be GREAT!

It was a little awkward to reply something that looked like it was asked just five minutes before, only to realize that it was two days ago and nobody had posted sth in the meantime :open_mouth: and I remember some people (incl. myself ;-)) posting stuff like “2014-06-27” in the German chat and other channels w/ low traffic so one could see when chat entries had been posted. I think user @vogel startet that, I liked it :slight_smile:

Grtz, Tom

I only got to the game timestamps yesterday, i’ll try and get to the date breaks in the main chats this weekend though.

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