Please turn off this "referer requirement"

I tried to change my password. After I did that, I was given the error

" CSRF Failed: Referer checking failed - no Referer."

I do not want to change my browser settings of better privacy to worse settings in that aspect. Is it possible that you turn this off? Referers are something very easily created and used by web robots.

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The way you’ve written this question, it sounds like you know what’s going on, which is more than probably 99.9% of people in the forum (including me) :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate why it would be OK for OGS to turn off this check?

The only information I can find about it makes it sound like it is there for our benefit, not reducing our security:


If you’d like to improve your lack of privacy you can choose from a variety of options. Use Windows 10, enable Cortana, browse with Internet Explorer (or “Edge”) and use a gmail account. Facebook is optional, but probably not needed anymore at that point.


Please note OGS was not fully compatible with Internet Explorer last time I tried it.

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