Pls, I ask the review of the first 15 moves

Regardless of the outcome (I won, but I think only by chance), I ask u if my initial moves of the game can be considered good (around first 15), for improve my start-games.

Thank u very much

Hello, I am nowhere near skilled enough to dare to asses moves. However out of curiosity I took a quick look and I believe if white cut to F3 in move 34 he would be able to capture the whole center (or at least make o ko of it, but black would have no viable threat to reverse) and that would be devastating for black

Someone better might correct me on this, maybe I have missed some clever move. But I thought it might be interesting for you anyway… :slight_smile:

I could move E3 after (?)

And he would answer with E4 you would probably have to attack at E3 which he could ignore and fill the liberty at D6 then you could capture his one stone but he would take all in a snap back.

There is actually a better exange for black than this (I think) but still ends with center captured… (I THINK)

Again, I am nowhere near any proffesianal level and it is a very complicated exchange. I may very well be mistaken, but I think it is worth studying as it is very interesting :slight_smile:

If you were intersted i have thrown together an analysis of what I think are some sensible moves
for me, the most scary for white is an attack at H2, but still I do not seem to find a way away.

Sorry to bother with it, maybe you don’t care anymore, but it was a good practice for me. And would make an interesting tsumego I think :smiley:

Anyway, good luck in future games

And looking back even further, if move 31 was more aggresive for black (J7 or J4) you could have captured whites right group and save yourself the headache and probably dominate the whole board :slight_smile:

I have added some more comments and options in the review. I am only 15K and did this more out of interest, so do not take my word for any of the ideas. However it seems that ImprobableBlob [5k] is (at least I hope) also making a review and he would surely know more than me :slight_smile: here are my thoughts on the game, the fight at the end is very complicated so I may have made some mistakes there, if you have any questions then fell free to ask them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to this, if not the original poster I surely appreciate this.

Nevertheless, I would have some question to the big fight near the end. If white cuts to F3, you think black can save his stones? I tried many combinations and found none that works. You proposed only one exchange with the cut in which with move 38 white captures one stone and that does not work for him. My question is what would happen if in the same move white would capture the stone labeled two in your review…

Please understand I am in no way trying to poke holes in your review, I am just genuinly curious if it would work as I spend probably way too much time trying to find a solution and seeing that you are much more experienced you could easily see something I missed in my many attempts :slight_smile:

Thanks again

EDIT: yeah, and if you are wondering what I am talking about I meant stone numer two with move 38. :flushed: i fixed it now, sorry.

Thank u very much, now I have understand the mistake!!!


No possibility for me in that situation. I won by change!

yes, you are right about that, capturing that stone was better for white. However there was a better move by black earlier to capture the whole thing outright, though it is quite hard to spot how it works.