Poem thingy

Consiousness as dark as my lungs. Before i pass out i hear the waggle of the tounges. Talking about climbing the ladder or rungs. I need to reset i need to run. I am as guilty as day old bread soaking up apathy like french toast he said.
The advice i need the most I loath,the treasure is still up the cove.
Skitter scatter. What’s the matter? Only you will hear the splatter. The laughter ,the applause. The stooges, the cause. We are told to fight for what is right but i dont know what is left?


nice. Not sure what it has to do with Go though.

Well, I’d think that’s the reason why it is in the “General Chat” section :wink:

Also, it mentions a “ladder” (Go-related meaning, another Go-related meaning) :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s nice that we have “General Chat” to share our poems with our friends!