Policy on making fake accounts to learn API with?

What’s the policy on making a fake account to play against myself? (and maybe one as a fake spectator?) I want to explore the notifications that happen during a game in special circumstances, like undo, without playing against a real person. I guess I could play a bot? Though I’d still like control over both sides.

I’m asking because I’m assuming in normal cases it would be frowned upon due to concerns about rank tampering.

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you can do your tests on beta.online-go.com. Then you don’t affect anyone by accident.

But I think it isn’t an problem on OGS either if you play unranked games.


Great idea, thank you!

For more clarification: you are specifically not allowed to play ranked games against yourself.

You are welcome to play unranked games against yourself. It would be best to do this with full disclosure, to make it easy for Moderators to see what is going on. You could do this by putting a note on your second account (in the description) saying “I use this for playing unranked games against myself”.

Playing on beta is even better - and you might see new features coming before others do :slight_smile: