Poll: iphone/ipad users:Is your device jailbroken?

Hey people,

I’m considering building a cross-platform client for OGS and open-sourcing it. If I go that route, the app will be incompatible with Apple’s App Store Terms of Service, which will mean you can only install it on a jailbroken device.

I’m curious to know if that will be an issue for users - Is your device jailbroken, or would you be willing to jailbreak to use an OGS app?

  • Yes! My devices are jailbroken.
  • My device is not jailbroken, but I’d jailbreak in order to play OGS on my iPhone or iPad.
  • My device is not jailbroken, and I wouldn’t jailbreak it for OGS.
  • I don’t understand the question.

If jailbreaking would be a serious impediment to people using the app, I’ll have to reconsider a few things.

How would it be incompatible?

VLC and (pertinently) Gnu Go were removed from the app store for violating ToS.

The specific section says that you can’t place additional restrictions on users other than those implied by the app store terms.

It all blew up because the FSF (in a curiously nit-picky move) complained that ports of VLC and Gnu Go were being published on the app store in violation of the GPL, because the app store’s ToS prevent you from having the freedoms described in the original license.

See: https://www.fsf.org/news/2010-05-app-store-compliance

It’s just an Apple problem, Play Store has no issue with FOSS apps, and the Windows phone store makes explicit provisions for FOSS licenses to modify restrictions on end-users and developers.

BTW you didn’t make an option that says I don’t have an iphone (I have an Android).

If you have an android, there’s no problem :smile:

I think from previous conversations that Android users outnumber IOS users on OGS, but I also think most Android users are perfectly happy using a website, it’s only those weird Apple types that want an app for everything.

There’s a dearth of good go clients on Android anyway, and KGS is expensive for an app. I figure we can pick up some more users from the big servers if we have a decent mobile story.

Actually, Fuego is LGPL v3 and Glift is MIT, so maybe I could go with Fuego rather than GnuGo and be fine. More reading required.

Just going to say I have no problems using the OGS website on an iPad. There are naturally a few things that a native app could do better, but that goes for Android as well.

The app “Little go” uses Fuego, so that should be fine.

I think, technically, Little Go is in violation of the LGPL since there is no static linking exception in the Fuego license. If the user can’t replace the version of Fuego with another one, you’re not compliant with the license.

See http://sourceforge.net/p/fuego/mailman/fuego-devel/thread/AANLkTikabnPyUODmqYTxCjzTBuoeoAS-_P2DPoieP4bm%40mail.gmail.com/#msg25498796

This is why Apple get on my wick :wink:

It sounds like you’re upset with Apple because they won’t let you break the law using their servers? The decision to use a particular license, however, lies with the Fuego development team.

No, @Houdeani I’m upset with Apple because their Terms of Service are incompatible with the GPL, and they make no provision for relaxing those Terms of Service in the case of open source apps, and they require developers to statically link all third party libraries.

I have no intention of breaking any laws, and I’m confused that you’d think so.


Sorry @Pathogenix; I got the wrong end of the stick.


That’s okay @Houdeani, no offence taken - just wanted to nip that misconception in the bud before the rumor mill started to grind :smiley: