Poll: Who will become the next AGA pro?

  • Eric Lui
  • Ryan Li
  • Yuan Zhou
  • Jeremy Chiu
  • Daniel Gourdeau
  • Ricky Zhao
  • Ben Lockhart
  • Matthew Burrall


Eight top US go players will gather just outside Boston next week to determine the next US professional. Play in the 3rd AGA Pro Qualification 2014.12.28_Calvin-Sun-Wins-2013-pro-tourneyFinals starts on Sunday, January 4 and ends on January 10. The games will be broadcast live on KGS from the Nantasket Beach Resort by the E-Journal; morning rounds will begin at 9:30 AM and afternoon rounds will begin at 4:30 PM. The players are Eric Lui 7d, Ryan Li 7d, Yuan Zhou 7d, Jeremy Chiu 6d, Daniel Gourdeau 7d, Ricky Zhao 7d, Ben Lockhart 7d, and Matthew Burrall 6d. The tournament will be played in two parts, a Round Robin Prelim Sunday through Wednesday, followed by the Championship Thursday and Friday. Jeff Shaevel is the Tournament Director, AGA President Andy Okun will be on hand and Chris Garlock and Andrew Jackson will head up the EJ recording team.


I don’t really know most of these players other than by name, so I’m voting for my friend Dan Gourdeau :slight_smile:

I think it’ll either be Eric Lui or Ryan Li. Too close to call, but I’ll give Eric the edge. Also is there an age limit to becoming an AGA pro? Since Yuan Zhou is quite a bit older than all the other contestants.

The games are being broadcast on KGS. I’ve had a hard time focusing on work because of it…my favorite to watch so far is Eric Lui, definitely rooting for him to take it.