Porto Go Open, Portugal

**** Porto Go Open ****

  • October 18 and 19, 2014
  • Academia Contemporânea Espectáculo, Praça Coronel Pacheco 1, Porto, Portugal.
  • Pre-registered players: 8€. On-site registered players: 10€

You are all invited to the Porto Go Open, organised by the Portuguese Go Association (http://www.go-portugal.org), member of the European Go Federation.

Your results will affect your rank at the European Go Database (http://www.europeangodatabase.eu/EGD/).

The portuguese Go community is small but friendly. We are expecting a small number of beginners, a few dan level players but mostly people in between. Whatever is your case, you are very welcome to come and enjoy the city and the tournament.

Porto is connected to major european cities by daily flights (route map at the end of this message), some of them operated by low cost companies. Accommodation is affordable and the city is now a major touristic destination - a lovely place indeed. :slight_smile:

Do join us and feel free to contact APGO for any further information – apgo@go-portugal.org


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We have the pleasure to announce the presence of the South Korean
professional player Ms. Lee Youngsin 5D in the Open Porto 2014.

Be sure to join us :wink:

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