Position from Rin Kaiho's book. Help me to understand

In the book, the author analyzes the position where White has no way out. I tried to find a way out to save the white group. Maybe I didn’t take into account some moves. Please help me figure it out.

Which variation are you curious about? So many things were already covered in that review

Thanks for the response, I puzzled for a long time, sorted through the options and came to the conclusion that the master did not consider this move because it is not aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it still does not save White.
This was move white E1 on move 30.

Black 35 should be D1

Black’s simplest answer to white E1 is C2 which captures the two white stones.

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Two stones are not a pity. Then white D2 and there are two eyes

Cruel move. What do you say on F2?

Thank you all for your help!

Just capture C2

Look again, iafter white E1 and black C2, if white plays D2 then black captures the 3 stones with D1.

Thanks for the help!