Possible Bug: Game Challenge did not cancel

Hi, I think I discovered potentially unwanted behavior with the challenge system:

When I wanted to rematch against an opponent we both sent challenges to each other. Upon accepting his challenge the client asked me to cancel my own challenge which I agreed to.

Later on at a time I wasn’t even online it seems my opponent was still able to accept my challenge, resulting in a timed out game for me.

This might be misunderstanding the pop-up, but I was pretty sure my challenge to him had been cancelled by it.

Clarification would be appreciated.

Best regards


I had a similar experience… When I cancelled an open challenge, I started another match and then noticed that my (cancelled) challenge was in fact accepted by another player.

Maybe there should be a warning at the moment of cancellation that the game has been accepted by a player (and same check must be done for starting matches, to check if the match is still valid).

After some time I am pretty sure the behavior is wanted, but the confirmation message is outdated or wrong:

Currently when closing the tab with an open challenge it pops up:

Leaving this board will cancel your open challenge, do you wish to proceed?

I suggest it should say something like this to reflect what is actually happening:

Leaving this board will not cancel your open challenge. You can cancel it later under “My Games”. Do you wish to proceed?

I believe the message for ongoing live games also threatens to resign the game while it actually does not.

Best regards