Possible bug with challenges

Hi. I made a challenge requiring no less than 11 kyu, yet I was matched with a 4 kyu. So that’s one possible bug. Next, I was not given a handicap even though I specified automatic handicaps (it should not have mattered that I specified my color as white). So that’s a second possible bug. The game is https://online-go.com/game/11869914 .

  1. Might your idea of “no less than 11 kyu” have manifested itself in setting “minimum rank” to 11 kyu? The restrictions run from “minimum” = weakest to “maximum” = strongest.
  2. You say you were “matched with” - did you use automatch? If so, what are your settings (literally)?
  3. Can you reproduce this behavior?

When you want to play handicap-games you should always use automatic colors. everything else will mess things up. this bug has been around for a long time.

I ll suggest again, what ive suggested before why not disable color choices for handicap games? should be simple.

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