Post-upgrade issue loading page

Since the upgrade went live today, I’ve had a sort of bizarre problem accessing the OGS site. When I first loaded, I got the familiar opening page. However, clicking on a link leads to the page freezing, though the address in my url bar changes correctly. Thereafter, any attempt to access the site gets me just a blank white page. Clearing my cache allows me to access the site again, but clicking on anything restarts the problem. I started out using chrome, but the same issue happens in IE as well. Not quite sure what to do. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

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Alright, a further issue has come up. Using incognito, I can actually navigate the site, but I can’t log in: I get an error message saying TypeError: object.assign is not a function.

I am having a similar problem. I can navigate the site, but games never display (I see an empty board with the orange-on-black ‘loading’ message). Clicking on a game goes to the right page, but still never loads; neither the board nor the information (i.e. who’s in the game, what move, how much time is left, etc.) ever display.

The site seems to be working properly on my phone though.

I’m using Chrome. I’ve tried clearing my cache with no luck.