Presenting ads for "site supporter"

I support the ogs and you are showing me ads.


Hm. You are marked as a supporter… I’ll ping @anoek here. Mods don’t have access to that level of management.

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Hmm, you’re name is in gold, you shouldn’t see those - to be sure, you are just talking about the “Hey be a site supporter!” ad’s from OGS, not anything from a third party right? (since we don’t have any ads from third parties anymore - if you are seeing those, that’s another problem!)

Can you try logging out and logging back in to see if it’s fixed? Thanks, and thanks for being a supporter!


@efraimqe Are you talking about these things:


They’re not ads. Just links that the mods have approved because they feel they may be of interest to some people. I think there was some talk of allowing them to be disabled but I don’t think it’s been enacted.

Rather than us having to guess, perhaps @efraimqe could post a picture of the ads that are a bother so we know exactly what we’re dealing with?