Preview coordinates when hovering over "toggle coordinates"?

I don’t use coordinates usually, but of course I need to name a few stones every now and then. I noticed RoyalLeela can project variations onto the board, and just thought it might be cool if hovering over toggle projected temporarily. Thanks.

This seems like a better option than adding an additional “coords on/off” button … and would require no clicks from the user, so the experience is going to be very nice.

I’m not sure what you mean. Did you mean show coordinates on the edges only when hovering over as variation/coordinate callout in chat?

I think he is talking about highlighting on the board when hovering a coord on chat. This is already implemented. Thing with Leela is that she shares those messages as variations.


Of course @Robot2600 will be the right person to say what he wants but somehow I see the useful side of the feature (as I understood it).

So, currently, OGS only permits toggling coordinates persistently but it may happen that you don’t want them except very few seconds sometimes. So, as @Robot2600 said, you could just hover on it and abracadabra they appear on the board but disappear when the mouse leaves.

That said, the presented use case of: I just want to see where a stone played within a variation is located. The highlight feature already addresses that need.


One can use left mouse click while holding down CTRL to paste that coordinate in to the chat. It’s not perfect but it seems easier than toggling coordinates.


Wow, I didn’t know about that key binding !! So nice :slight_smile:

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