Private chat with oneself

Back-end already supports sending private chat messages to oneself. (It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!)
It would be nice if front-end supported it too.


You can send a private chat to yourself here on these forums. It gives you a private thread to make write and make notes.


Thanks, didn’t know about that!
But I’d like to chat with myself on the main site, where I do the rest of my chatting activities.

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People with multiple personality disorder and/or memory loss might have a legit use case here.

As chat is not permanent, writing thoughts down in a persistent storage seems to be better.


@Igloo Do you mean privat chat in the chat box of a game? Because I have thought of that before and would find it useful. I know there’s Malkovitch chat which is private until the end of the game but I would like private chat that stays private even after the game. The use case is for making private game notes, e.g. strategy, counting, etc. in correspondence games where you otherwise might forget what your plan was or what the score was.


@dragon-devourer, no, I mean regular private chat.

I can already do it in my ugly-patched development environment, but it needs more thought and polish put into it.


As the absolutely unofficial simplicity tsar… why tho?

My main concern/issue is that the player card for oneself is free of any buttons:

Is the benefit (ability to chat with oneself) greater than the cost (need to add a button to the now-uncluttered player card, confusion as to why it’s there)

  1. Sometimes I just want to chat with the biggest jerk on OGS.
  2. Why would back-end allow this if anoek didn’t think this is a good idea?

The button doesn’t necessarily have to be in the player card. How about this?


Feel free to message me next time you’re on :joy:

Idk the API seems to have a lot of stuff that doesn’t surface in the UI. My guess is that it’s an edge case that was easier to leave in than to take out.

Hey, I can’t say no to a “Private Place” button :wink:

In all seriousness, I can see two use cases for this:

  1. The novelty of chatting with oneself (which you’ve sort of alluded to). In that case I don’t see how that would be worth adding. I just have a hard time believing that would be interesting for anyone longer than a day.
  2. Note taking. In which case more work would need to be done than just surfacing the self-chat to the front-end. The main issue being persistence (why take notes if you lose them in a month?) but also design (should game-scoped and user-scoped notes be part of this? Is there a way to create a unified UI for those?)

Anyway that’s my two cents. It’s pretty cool you were able to get that working. How on earth did you think to do that?


Also one surprising thing: the chat doesn’t double itself. I mean I guess it makes sense, but I use to do that with AIM for funsies and that always doubled my messages.

In all seriousness, this is not a serious topic. :upside_down_face:

I have way too much free time. Remember the time I blocked myself?


Ugh. You got me :persevere:

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