Private collection button?

Wasn’t sure where to post this but what is the “Private collection” button for in the SGF library? I know what its intent should be obviously right it makes the collection private and only available to you. But, people already can not access my library anyway.

There is no current way to search for other peoples libraries.
“Well, what about if you give them a link to the collection?” - I tried this it just says you don’t have the correct authentication when using an account that does not own the library.

I think it should be possible to search or share your library when they are not on private maybe making the link accessible to anyone who has it if the library is not on private.

(I actually assume that was what was intended to happen at least.)

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It should work as far as I know
visiting the link should reveal my admitadely modest library. By changing the number at the end to any player’s ID you can visit his/her library.


I can confirm that I can see Adam’s SGF library.

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Lol nice. 37x37 joseki

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Ah I see I guess it just requires you to be logged into an account to see them! Sorry and thank you.

@trohde to answer your question about how all those undefineds look in SGF…

The official SGF spec says to specify file format 4:

The coordinates are lowercase letters, then uppercase once those are used up. Therefore 52x52 is the max board size in that format.

OGS does appear to use FF[4], but little or no support for the larger board sizes. I don’t think a true 37x37 game (more than just the upper left quadrant) would show up correctly.

Uhm… my memory … what are you referring to?

Haha sorry, in a chat log on one of those boards, you asked how undefined (in other worss very large board size) is processed in SGF.

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